Foodie Tout, Inc.

We are a food sector accelerator that incubates, accelerates and elevates food based businesses. The Company builds brands, expands markets and assists with capital support and equity funding focused on the Artisan Purveyor market. Through its multi-tiered platform of internet sites (,,, and and services (strategic-planning, product development, product launch, branding, along with go to market and growth strategy), the company guides the Artisan Purveyor through the challenges of building a successful brand. By addressing inefficiencies and maximizing potential in areas of manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution, Foodie Tout builds brands, expands markets and increases revenue for Artisan Purveyors and Specialty Food manufacturers who have met a challenge, encountered a slump or simply need advice on how to move.

Social Made Easy

A Social Media Management Platform monitoring what they say while increasing your community by telling "Your Story". We build your brand and expand your market.

Artisan Purveyor Co-Packing

Perched at the gateway to the Sierra, Purveyors Kitchen is the premier Artisan Purveyor co-packer based in Auburn, Ca. A full service food manufacturer, PK is disrupting the food industry as the only one stop brand development company.

Getting To Know You

The Daily Dish of Awesome Chefs, Artisan Purveyors and Amazing Product reviews. It's your story, broadcast to thousands. Daily.

The Main Ingredient

Let us tell the world your story with a Foodio Studio Video, the perfect advertising piece. Take advantage of our buyer's introduction package.

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Roundlogo2Foodie Tout works closely with emerging food brands and established food and beverage companies looking to maximize their market positioning. We believe a food company’s success starts with a strategic road map that integrates realistic business objectives with synergistic sales and marketing goals. The Foodie Tout team has vast experience with food related products and businesses that are marketed and sold through e-commerce, food service, restaurant, hospitality, retail and distribution channels. By utilizing Foodie Tout services, clients can maximize our resources and expertise without increasing internal management payroll.

The Foodie Tout Process Portfolio

Foodie Tout’s Artisan Purveyor Process for Perfection


Foodie Tout’s process is based on some very basic business principles. Evaluating your current positioning, creating a detailed road-map, a team commitment to a strong governance, measurable execution and utilizing an experienced team are the fundamentals. We work with our clients to maximize their sales, marketing and brand building efforts that are focused on profitability. As a multi-tiered business platform, Foodie Tout integrates the power of the internet and e-commerce with traditional industry methodology to incubate, accelerate and elevate food related businesses.

Meet The Team

Whether you are a start-up business just entering the food industry or a seasoned purveyor looking to expand your product offerings or sales channels, Foodie Tout focuses on building your brand and expanding your market through our suite of services. We are a team of seasoned food professionals who understand the marketplace and the challenges faced at specific tipping points as you grow your business. We work closely with you on a strategic plan that integrates business objectives with sales planning and marketing to scale with your business.

Our Clients